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June 21st 2007


As of today, redstarcanada has restarted, and entered a new method of organization.

From now on, the releases on redstarcanada will be primarily in .torrent format. this is much easier (and cheaper) than postage. If postage is neccessary, we will still be able to send it, but if you are able to use torrent, please do :)

my personal favorite bittorrent program is uTorrent (

also, if you are an artist, please send us your music if you believe in free music. our address is on the front page.

we are currently working on an article about the dangers of copyright, expect it out in the coming months.

Communist Crisis!

October 20, 2006 Attn: Assignment Editor
For Immediate Release

Criminalization of Czech Communist Youth (KSM) is Dangerous
Attack on Democracy in Europe

The Young Communist League – La Ligue de la jeunesse communiste denounced today the Czech government’s criminalization of the Communist Youth Union (KSM) of the Czech Republic, and demanded that Canada add it’s voice to growing international condemnation of these actions.

Dario Fo, Nobel Prize winner, Subcomandante Marcos, leader of the Zapatistas, and Bono Vox, U2 vocalist, are among the voices strongly criticizing this measure. The outrageous attack has been condemned by youth and student organizations internationally, including the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)

WFDY, which has observer NGO status with the United Nations, organized demonstrations at Czech embassies and consulates around the world last spring, when the campaign was launched. A petition has already been signed by thousands of Czech citizens, as well as international supporters including former anti-fascist fighters, student organizations, political parties, civic organizations and trade unions.

"The KSM does not promote hate, racism, homophobia or anti-Semitism" said Stephen Von Sychowski, Secretary of the YCL-LJC, who met members of the KSM at the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students in Venezuela in summer of 2005. "A vital part of their activities are in the anti- racism, anti-war anti-fascist and anti-imperialist movements," he said.

“The Czech government are so disturbed by the idea of worker-power as advocated by the KSM that they have resorted to fascistic tactics in an attempt to destroy opposition to their rule which began at the time of the counter-revolution in Czechoslovakia a decade and a half ago,” Von Sychowski said. This attack is just the latest in an anti-communist campaign that is expanding, as explained in the attached backgrounder.

"They're a threat to the ruling elite, not to democracy," he added. "But, as the saying goes, 'first they took the Communists' … We think this new wave of anti-communism in Europe should be of major concern to not just other youth and student organizations but to trade unionists, student leaders, the left and progressives everywhere."

“Our Czech comrades need our help!” Von Sychowski said. “The YCL Canada calls on all freedom-loving youth and people Canada who value social progress and democracy to support the KSM’s right to exist and to express its political views and ideology! No amount of repression will stop the forward march of history to socialism in the Czech Republic, in Canada, or anywhere!”

The KSM intends to challenge the decision of the Ministry of the Interior in court.

More Information contact Stephen Von Sychowski at

Young Communist League of Canada
October 20th, 2006

On October 12th, the Communist Youth Union (KSM) of the Czech Republic was criminalized by order of the Czech Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry of the Interior has officially stated that the KSM must be liquidated because it calls for socialist revolution, putting the economy under public ownership, and also because it educates about Marxism.

However, the KSM is a legitimate organization, defending the interests and rights of youth and struggles for socialism. It has no less a right to exist than, say, the young Czech Christians.

The official reasons for the ban are that the KSM promotes Marxism and socialist revolution. The ban is thus outlawing discussion of real alternatives in a country where unemployment sits at 20% in some regions.

The real reason is that it is a calculated attack against the communist and militant working class forces. The Communist Party is too strong for the state to attack directly, so it is attacking its youth wing first. The Czech Republic is home to one of the largest Communist Parties in Europe, which is also the third largest political party in that country. In the 2002 elections, the Czech Communist party won 20% of the vote. In 2004, the European elections the party won second place, taking six seats.

The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia is now under fire and there have been calls to extend the ban to it as well. The anti-democratic decision of the Ministry of the Interior comes one week before local and Senate elections in which the KSCM will participate.

These attacks on the KSM take place in the context of growing militant anti-communist campaigns and witch-hunts. This spring, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), passed a resolution condemning the Communist Parties. PACE is an old Cold War-era institution not connected with the European Union.

The PACE resolution on "the need for international condemnation of crimes of totalitarian communist regimes," was drafted by a rabid anti-communist Swedish conservative who believes that the French Revolution and the Paris Commune were also grave mistakes in the development of European history.

It equates communism with fascism but has nothing to say about Anglo-American imperialism's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, recent war crimes committed in Lebanon, or the US concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Protests from around the world helped the European Union announce in early February that it would reject calls for a proposed Europe-wide ban on Nazi symbols to be extended to Communist symbols. The red star as well as the hammer and sickle, however, have recently been made illegal in Hungary.

Our Czech comrades need our help! The YCL Canada calls on all young communists and all people of Canada who value progress and democracy to support the KSM’s right to exist and to express its political views and ideology by taking the following actions:

1. Express your disagreement with the illegalization of the KSM to the Czech consulates and embassies. Their contact info can be found at the following address:

2. Sign following petitions: (initiated by the Communist Party of Greece), (initiated by the World Federation of Democratic Youth).

3. Take part in any demonstrations that may be organized in coming days, weeks or months as this struggle continues.

October 2006

Well, we havent updated in awhile. Currently, there are recordings by barbarianbigfoot, tfotl in the planning stages..

Also, some very interesting news is the possibility of a joint effort between the Young Communist League Of Canada ( and RedStarCanada to create a compilation to go with an upcoming Rebel Youth magazine. Rebel Youth is a magazine created and distributed by the YCL of Canada.

Currently, the available CD's in stock are fairly limited. All releases by TFOTL and barbarianbigfoot are available however, and also, a small variety of our other releases, please consult the catalogue for details.

January 2006:

Happy New Year! :)

we've been slow lately due to a few unavoidable commitments, such as school, and also a general shortage in time and resources.

we hope to speed things up in the coming time, we are planning a couple compilation releases for march, and a couple regular releases..

Live At The Kathedral by TFOTL is now available [there will only ever be 10 copies of this, 4 of which are gone, so there are six left]

In the coming weeks we shall be updating the catalogue.

Considering this is RedStarCanada. a Canadian and Communist art venture, we are going to promote the Communist Party of Canada for the 2006 elections by linking the Election site for the CPC.

on the site you will find information on the 21 candidates fielded in this election, the upcoming events, the news, and a whole whack of more information on the communist party election platform :)


in other news, even though this has nothing to do with RedStarCanada, TWO fuckin' awesome bands are playing in toronto on march 8th.

Legendary Noise Musicians

WHITEHOUSE {they are gods of noise/powerelectronics}


WOLF EYES {a noise band from Detroit, who are just fucking cool]

March 8 2006
Sneaky Dee's

Wolf Eyes

and 2 other bands...

anyways, cheers


November 2005:

The First Of The Last concert on the 27th of November 2005. Toronto. The Kathedral. 19+. $5. 8:30.

As of next week, the following releases will be totally available:

the first of the last - datura behind the periwinkle
ecstatic mood cd
redstarcanada compilation
beheaded muslim cd

October 2005:

We now have a live section on the site for upcoming concerts relating to redstarcanada.

There are some dates for the first of the last in the works in the Toronto area.

September 2005
We'd like to welcome Matt Cosolo to the RedStarCanada Team, as a co-operator with the label, along with Ben Conte and Jeff Tomlinson...
And, if youd like to download any of our available releases from the label, please download the new test version of Soulseek [] and add RedStarCanada to your users... if you are unable to do this, email us with the release you want and we will try our hardest to send you a cd, otherwise we will send you email attachements of the selected release...
New Releases from RedStarCanada:
.barbarianbigfoot - erectyle dysfunction
the first of the last - the original limited edition first ep. except no longer limited.. r[re-release]
the first of the last - sodomized with a rusty knife
the first of the last - thee burning ov hell's flames [previously released single]
nemens - EP
coming next week is all new material from the first of the last
and also in the coming month we shall have releases from Enchanted Mood, Ecstatic Mood, and possibly Manic Prosperity ready.

September 2005:

We'd like to welcome 3 more artists to the redstar team :)

Manic Prosperity: a punk band based in whitby, ontario, canada.

Enchanted Mood: Progressive Synthpop/Industrial from England.

Ecstatic Mood: Synthpop

more info soon

August 2005

New Artists To The RedStar Team :)

We'd like to welcome 2 new artists to the RedStar Team

The first band is Under The Syndrome, a screamo/metalcore band based in Ajax/Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

The second band is Nemens, a punk/rock band based in Brasil.

Look next week for further updates regarding new artists welcomed to the community :)

July 2005.
There are a variety of New Artists that have been welcomed to the redstar community.
Data... - Pop-oriented tracks, head slash bauch is an engrossing blend of glitchy skips and hiccups that call attention to the shortcomings of technology integrated to dance or danceable music. Fast-paced, groovebox collages tangle up the musical boundaries of techno, jungle, dub, and industrial noises. Experimental music in the realm of popular music
Phlastah - Ambient sounds intermingle and unfold in unexpected ways. The synth parts seem choreographed rather than composed. Poisonous melodies combining electro beats and vocals in traditional pop song structure The music is soothing and energetic, it has some dark, psychedelic and some bright laser beam side. Haunting atmospheres and moody, drawn-out melodies characterize the sound, which seems to come from a massive conglomeration of influences.
I Me Mine - The project I Me Mine is one of Buben?s aliases, in which he use samples of U.S.S.R communistic songs, Alternance of rarefied landscapes and extremely harsh distortions. We can observe high furnace flames lighting up a fragmented sky, the almost intimate, carefully detailed microsonic life characterizing the quietest sections. Mesmerizing phantom reverberations present over the whole course of the record are sometimes broken by sudden crunches and sick discharges. Determined atmosphere, insulted by industrial darkism and blinded by the light of bright steel. Angry rhytmic noise.
Jaul-Pean Melbondo - A project of L and Cjjbrozt.  The sounds of a post-pop gray, dry nevertheless dancable.  A privilege that must remain.  Duet always does talk about him thanks to a unique know-how of the dry noise mixes it sweetened electronic and subtle.  The machine armies that will recall to certain old humanity. 
Redstar Canada Will Be Getting These Orders In Soon.
All Orders Will Arrive as late as early september, as ben and i are having financial troubles. We're currently looking for jobs, and we should have some by then, which is when all the orders will be shipped.
Feel free to make any orders from the catalogue. Essentially, When there is None In Stock, it means there will be a longer wait. Currently Shipping means that we are getting the cds delived from Budapest, so we should be able to ship them soon. In Stock obviously means they are in the library of RSC, so we can send them as soon as we are able to afford postage.
If you do not want to wait too long, you can send us postage money to the address below:
Contact Information For RedStarCanada is:
ATTN: Jeff Tomlinson/Ben Conte/RSC
5 Barbour Cres
L1S 7E1
our email address is
telephone number is 1 (905) 683-2247